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YASSON assists global companies with the translation, localization, DTP, and Multimedia, helping the customers to maximize their ROI and providing them with the power to focus. We serve hundreds of companies, from startups to the 500 largest in the world. 

YASSON offers expertise across a wide range of industries in the Technology, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Energy & Life Sciences sectors. YASSON can offer written translation and oral interpretation services in more than 70 languages, covering all possible areas. Supported by three offices and more than 100 Senior translator, our daily output capacity is approximately 500,000 English words and 200 pages for DTP.

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Voice Overs/Dubbing
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This is our value-added service to establish dedicated language database for each customer. We will use and update the database regularly to provide the translation service stably and effectively, and to maximize the document consistence.
It should be noted that the vocabulary is not the translation.
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Here, we highlight Full Communication and the user of File Management Tools. The translation is not individual action, but the result of the cooperation between the customer and the project team, so the communication is critical to the project success. Upon receiving new order,
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Automation & Manufacture
Chemistry & Energy
Electronics & Telecommunications
IT & Computer & Information & Network
Finance & Legal
Education & e-Learning
Electronics & Automation
Life Sciences
Government & Embassy
Media, advertising, public relations
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Beijing Translation Company

East Room 208, Xiaguang Building, Xiaoyun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
P.C: 100035
Tel:  86- 010-52011548
         86- 010-52011549

Fax: 86 - 010-52011549


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1. What is the wordcount rule?
  Answer: Generally, the wordcount is based on Chinese character. Chinese character includes Chinese character, Arabian letter, number and punctuation,
2. I do have electronic version, but it is
    in English,
  Answer:In such case, the wordcount will be determined by converting the wordcount of foreign language into that of Chinese.
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